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Hear ye, hear ye… announcing our new project! It's a quasi open call again: - have a look at the spreadsheet, some tracks are already taken! I will try to always update the list as quickly as possible DEADLINE - October 1st!!! (Planned release day: Guy Fawkes Day, Nov. 5th!

KAOS LASTS FOREVER A Dub(nihilism) Tribute to The KLF

Join us in the White Echo-Chamber for a Dubtrain to Transcentral. Paying hommage to the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, long since lost in Babylon, Dystopian Dub Discotheque are putting out an open call to bring the beat back dub stylee.

We are looking for DUB COVERVERSIONS of the KLF's hits… They can be instrumental, feature vocals. Important is that they are RECOGNISABLE and DON'T FEATURE SAMPLES OF THE ORIGINALS OR THE SAMPLES THE ORIGINALS SAMPLED* (because irony!) (*and for obvious legal reasons and budget considerations – DDD is a No Budget organisation – tracks can not use any samples that need clearance in general.)

We don't consider the rather sample heavy early tracks & the Timelords or, single to be very appropriate, but as long as the conditions of the previous paragraph are met, we can talk.

The White Room 1991 Album – and/or the accompanying hitsingles and versions thereof

1. “What Time Is Love?” 2. “Make It Rain” 3. “3 a.m. Eternal” (Live at the S.S.L.) 4. “Church of the KLF” 5. “Last Train to Trancentral” (LP Mix) 6. “Build a Fire” 7. “The White Room” 8. “No More Tears” 9. “Justified and Ancient”


America: What Time is Love Stand By The Jams It's Grim up North (but only if you can do all those place names in the proper northern accent or a reasonable well appropriation of that) and it also has to include “Jerusalem”

To avoid having 10 versions of one and no version of another track we ask that people submit suggestions for the track they want to cover. There is an online accessible spreadsheet so people can see which tracks have been taken. (On a first come, first serve basis). If we get enough participants multiple versions of the same tracks will be allowed once all the main tracks are covered…

How it works - when you're the first to choose a track - great, it's yours. If not you can express an interest and if we have all important tracks covered we allow for multiple versions. i.e. then you can also do the track in question

Interested? get in touch via email: dubnihilist[ at ]dystopiandubdiscotheque [dot] com, follow & message us on Twitter @dubnihilist, or even on Facebook Dystopian Dub Discotheque Facebook

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