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ddd001 - Dystopian Dub Developments: Live Cuts released 01 November 2014

Free/Pay as thou wilt DL via Bandcamp

Done as a small round of CDrs in 2006 this is a first collection of outtakes from the legendary Dondrine Dub Developments sessions…

Performing on these recordings were Dystopian Dub Discotheque Core-Members Tomoroh Hidari, DFKT, Adam Strang, Bernd Rausch, Mario Stereo and regulars Emerson Spitfire, Violetta Parisini, Robert Lirzer, Andrew Mangold and more*

Originally still credited to Dondrine Dub Developments which was the name of the monthly sessions, we've decided to stay with the original cover.

Edited and compiled by Tomoroh Hidari, Bernd Rausch, Adam Strang, DFKT, Mario Stereo. Inline Stereo Recording by DDD/DFKT over various Dondrine Dub Developments sessions 2005/2006 Post-processing and Mastering by Tomoroh Hidari at Miscatonic Acoustics 2006. Cover by DFKT 2006

10 Tracks no track-titles.

Free/Pay as thou wilt DL via Bandcamp

There may be recordings of other casual participants - unfortunately we did not do a log. Please contact me at dubnihilist[ at ]dystopiandubdiscotheque [dot] com if you remember being at a session and might be on a recording! thanks.

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