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Various: Nonjah Tunes 3

released 15. Oct. 2014

Free/Pay as thou wilt DL via Bandcamp

The third in a series of Dubnihilistic Compilations, the first to be released on Dystopian Dub Discotheque.

Like the previous two volumes* which were originally released on Digital Vomit records, all contribution were gathered via an open call and encouraging not only to create interesting music following a loose definition of Dub or Dubnihilism, but even to allow tracks that may go somewhere beyond the fringes of dub to be included, as long as it is in a meaningful way dub-inspired and fits the compilation to create a challenging but entertaining listening experience and contributes to the evolution of Dubnihilism and Fringe-dub.

1.Autonomaton - Atmosphere

2.Thee Crumb - The Torchbearer (1209 Mix)

3.Remote Origin - November

4.Plan x Sonny Blake - Atme

5.Keith Hic - In the centre of the Lucid

6.Tantrumist - Vacationbreak

7.Hardoff - iDubWrong

8. Verbalizer - The House of the Rising Sun Recorded in Russian Taxi on the Phone

9. his Namelessness Is Legion - Babylon via Röcken, Naumburg and Tyburn

10. µ - Collage #3 Think God out of Existence

11.Scrambled Ego - Repetitve Reign Injury

12.Shanks Pony - Chilling with Nixon (how high was he?)

13.DevilMonkey feat Benjamin James Wylie - World Destruction (Timezone cover)

14.Autonomaton - Opera Dub

Free/Pay as thou wilt DL via Bandcamp

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